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This site is dedicated to British Autos, car crazies, gearheads, shadetree mechanics, and other folks similarly inclined.

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shaws garage where all the british car nuts hang out!

Be sure to use the proper tools - Bob working on the MGA in the garageThis site is dedicated to the love of the automobile in general, and to MGs and other vehicles that inhabit the Johnson/Shaw family garage. We are not professional mechanics. We are unabashed, unrepentant, irreformed car crazies!

Bob Shaw, a farm kid from south central Nebraska, and a car nut for as long as anyone can remember. It is rumored that when Bob was born he slapped the Doctor back and then challenged him to a race, title for title. Bob's mother will neither confirm nor deny this story. She just shakes her head and smiles.mga boot with reflected clouds

There were several parents of Bob's childhood friends who raced stock cars and Bob was attracted to them. Many of his friends had hot rods and muscle cars, which were fast and ran well in a straight line, and he also loved them. One of Bob's heros, an older cousin named Pete Farnsworth, was a drag racer and, later, a builder of race cars for the Bonneville salt flats. One, the Blue Flame, was the land speed record holder for several years in the early seventies. Bob loved these cars.

However, late in his teens Bob discovered sports cars. They were small, and they possessed little power compared to the 400 cubic inch behemoths many of his friends drove, but in an Australian Pursuit across town, when the little cars got a head start of half a block, they were unbeatable.

shaws garage where all the british car nuts hang THE British BulldogBob's sports cars include the following: '61 Triumph TR3A, '63 MGB roadster, '57 MGA roadster, '67 Porsche 912, '74 MGBGT, '65 MGB Roadster, '71 MG Midget. He owned the Porsche and the MGA at the same time. He still owns the MGA and the Midget.

Martha Johnson, Bob Shaw's ex-wife and best buddy, is the daughter of a preacher who is known to drive quite hard. One could say he is called "The Rev." for more than one reason. She always followed her father around, and that included to the garage for maintenance on the family vehicles. Her older brothers, (11 and 12 years older) were both sports car nuts. Each had a series of MGs, and the oldest still owns a 59 TR3A and a 62 E-type Convertible. Martha drove several cars, including some vintage Mustangs before she received her MGBGT as "the best birthday present I ever got!"

the british bulldog AMartha is an avid MG fan and auto crosser. She does much of the maintenance on her '74 MGBGT, and assembled the engine currently in the car. She is rumored to use the same cruise control unit presently that she used in high school. It is amazing that she never did lose that brick! The use of said brick serves her well in the occasional auto cross competition.

Shortly after their first date, they happened to run into each other in town. Martha told her friend she would ride home with Bob in the Porsche. Bob gave her the keys and shortly they were running down the road at speeds in excess of 80 miles per hour. [Webmaster's Note: I'm sure it wasn't over 70!] Bob says he knew at that moment that he was in trouble. With their common love of things automotive, chances are very good that the inhabitants of the family stable, which also includes a Volvo 940 turbo wagon (Martha's substitute for a pickup, SUV, and general photo safari vehicle utilized on the back roads of the plains states), a Jaguar XJ6, a 1999 Ford F150, and a '36 Ford 2-door trunk-back sedan, will grow.



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