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The Mean Green A Machine

The Mean Green A Machine a modified mga with a b transmission

Also known as the British Bulldog!

Tranny Modifications on the mgaThe car utilizes a 5 main B engine, bored .060 over, ballanced, with a 270 cam and a ceramic coated header. The transmission is an overdrive C transmission in a B case. The result is a close ration B transmission. To install a full-synchro B transmission, the original rear motor mount is removed. The frame is ground smooth. The plate with a modified B rear motor mount welded to it is bolted to the frame and the B mounts are bolted to the transmission, just as in a standard B application. (The information for doing this is contained in Barney Gaylord's site,

Tranny Modifications on the mga

The transmission tunnel is modified by spreading the tunnel, cutting out the right hand protion just before and after the Laycock unit and and making a domed pannel which cleares the overdrive unit to fasten to the transmission tunnel in place of the portion removed. The shifter plinth is moved approximately 2.5 inches forward and the opening for the shifter is enlarged to allow proper clearance for the shifter in third and fourth gears. An MGB shifter boot is installed. The shifter in this car was bent back to allow better clearance of dash. A new driveshaft tube 2.5 inches longer was fabricated using the joints prom an MGB driveshaft. The original rear end was replaced with a tube type rear axle from a '72 MGB. The rear brakes from a GT and the front brakes from an MGA 1600 were fitted to the car, and the springs were replaced with lowered MGBGT springs, and a front 7/8" sway bar was installed. Longer 1/2 inch wheel studs were installed and Weld Rodlite wheels clad in 195/60/15 tires were utilized

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