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shaws garage and all the little lbcs we can fit in it


MGA Page

The Green A, 1957 MGA, modified with a b transmission and overdriveThis 1957 MGA is on the road for the first time since 1986. In March of '86 the old girl died while we were leaving a breakfast meeting at the Cornhusker Hotel here in Lincoln, and we started repairs. The car also had to compete with new tennis shoes and cheerleading uniforms, all a higher priority. However, in 1996 the kids were grown and work began in earnest. As we started working on the car, we got into a case of the 'might as wells' and ended up stripping everything off the car and took everything to bare metal. We also wanted to make the car more comfortable and practical to drive here in the west, where long drives at high speeds are not uncommon.


1974 MGBGT, modified with 60 over and overdriveThis 1974 MGBGT has been on the road for two seasons! The engine was rebuilt during the winter of 2001-2002 and a rebuilt overdrive transmission was also installed. The GT has been on the road since late July of 2002. She is due for a body repair/repaint the winter of 2003-2004, so she will look as good as she runs.

The other MGBGT in the garage has gone to a fellow Flatwater Member, a young deputy district attorney, who has been working on her for the past 9 months. She will be ready to go soon.


Dunphey Wooden Boat
The "Bionic Board" (a classic Dunphy wooden runabout boat) patiently awaiting restoration. The plan is to begin work on her this winter. The basic hull is sound, but the keel board and deck need some help. We hope to have her back in the water within 2 years.

Indian Scout

2001 Anniversary Edition

There's always the maintenance and upgrading of the good ol' Volvo - planning to put a manual transmission in it once the current automatic one completely goes south. Also needs a new windshield, a rear wheel well repaired, paint job to remove the rust, new radio, back windshield wiper repaired, sooooo many things to do! After all, she does have nearly 300,000 miles on her, deserves to need a facelift!

The latest vehicle in the fold is a 1991 Volvo 940SE Turbo. This will be Marth's new rolling photo lab and the old '87 will go to Oregon to cart around the future grandchild (due in March/April). After all, we want the safest car possible for OUR grandkids!

There's also an old 53 Chevy wagon sitting back on the ranch awaiting attention. The plan is to do it as a retro-rod, using the 6. It will be ballanced and ported with dual carbs, a cam and a split manifold. The "wood" stampings in the steel will get the woodgrain treatment, and she may pe pressed into service pulling the wooden boat. I wouldn't be surprised if a few more projects show up before we get even a portion of the current ones completed! Such is the life of a gearhead.

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