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The Year 2002 in Review

This is the year that wasn't. It started well enough, the Lakes tour and the run to St Joe for the Heartland Regional. It continued for the Club's North Omaha Airport Supercross, where the bulldog of an A was the Fastest MG, and even beat a few older Miatas. However, the driving season ended for the A about July 1, When a handy buss driver decided to back up at a rail crossing and ran over the front of the car. It was not repaired until well into September.

I was able to attend the Fremont days show courtesy of my friend Ben who asked me to drive his MGCGT for him. It was wonderful to drive such a nice vehicle. The C is not fast, but it is smooth and pleasant to drive. Thanks again, Ben, for allowing me to drive your car. The summer was salvaged a bit by drives in Martha's MGBGT with the new engine she had just built for it last winter. Thanks, Babe, for salvaging the summer for me. We drove the A the fewest miles since her last restoration, but thanks to Terry and Absolute Body and Paint, she is better than ever before.

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